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Have you thought about bamboo flooring?

If you are building a house or considering re-flooring, you should consider installing bamboo flooring. Bamboo has steadily been gaining popularity as a product for the home over the last decade.

Bamboo is aneasily cultivated plant. In fact it is a grass and is quite capable of growing in very poor soil conditions. Since it can be harvested about 3 years after planting it counts as an extremely renewable and environmentally friendly source of wood. When you consider that hardwood takes about 25 years to reach maturity, this makes a whole lot of sense.

Bamboo flooring installation is also an easy task. The panels come in various different colors, shapes and sizes. Many different types of grains are available as well making this a versatile product. Installation is easy because several options exist for any owner to make use of. They come in the standard groove, tongue or strip installations, which makes it easy to setup. They can be floated on concrete floors or plywood bases or they can be nailed or glued down.

A bamboo hardwood floor is extremely tough, so you don’t have to worry about chipping or scratches. It is also highly resistant to termites when it is treated properly. Maintaining the floor is also easy as it comes with a tough polyurethane protective coating that protects it from most forms of harm. If you would like to install bamboo flooring, check out some vendors online. You can peruse their catalogs and find the perfect panels for you home there.