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The Cheapest Manhattan Apartment You’ll Ever Own

How about a Manhattan apartment for $50? A single-family house for $250? What’s the catch, you say? Well, size might be an issue.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is selling properties in its famous 9,335-square-foot scale model of New York City. The Panorama of the City of New York was originally built in 1964 for the World’s Fair, but it has not been updated since 1992, although some 895,000 structures exist, including every street, bridge, and skyscraper in the five boroughs, The New York Times reports.

Now, however, the museum is renovating the model and selling off pieces of real estate through its Adopt-a-Building program. Prices are a steal. For only $10,000, developers can even pay to have their projects added to the panorama and receive the corresponding deeds to the properties. According to the Times, the New York Mets have already paid to have their new Citi Field erected.

New models are built by City College architecture students, and the funds will go toward maintaining the Panorama and the educational programs associated with it.

One thing that the model shares with its real-life subject, however, is the inevitability of bargaining when it comes to making an offer. Says David Strauss, the Met’s director for external relations, “There is always room for negotiation when working with the general public. Like in the real estate market.” Some things just can’t be scaled down.