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Top five questions to ask potential tenants

Summary: Screen potential tenants by asking them when they plan on moving in, can they afford the move-in costs, do they have pets, and why they need a new place.

Tenant screening is a good way to weed out unsuitable tenants and ensure you give out your property to the best tenant. Here is a list of crucial questions you should ask all potential tenants.

When would you like to move? – Asking potential tenants when they would like to move is a good way to understand if they are looking to move in as soon as possible. You don’t want to show your home to someone who is only interested in moving in three months from now as this would mean that your home is left vacant.

Can you pay the move-in costs upon signing a lease – Move-in costs usually include one month’s rent and a security deposit. It is best to avoid tenants who are not able to pay this upfront cost and who ask to pay this amount in installments.

Do you have pets? – For those landlords who have a no-pet policy, it is best to let potential tenants know when they inquire about your home.

Will you be able to pass a background and credit check? – Tell potential tenants that a background check is a must and if you are unable to pass the check, the chances are that the property will not be on offer.

Why are you leaving your current place? – Ask your tenant why they are moving and if you can have the contact details of their last two landlords. If they are moving to get closer to work or a school district, these are valid reasons.